Extraordinary Ways Your Business Can Use Microsoft Access for Greater Productivity and Profitability

Unlocking the Secrets for How Microsoft Access Works

unlock_Microsoft_access_secretsLast week I busted three myths about using Microsoft Access for business. It’s a cool program that has hundreds of applications that can help a company be more productive and to make more money.

What are some of these applications? Inventory programs are a natural for Access. I’ve built programs in Access that have been in use for years that handle Accident/Incident tracking, Training, Drug Testing, Vehicle Maintenance and Usage, and on and on.

Did you know Microsoft Access can also do this…

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Busting 3 Microsoft Access for Business Myths

No More Bashing Microsoft Access

busting three myths about using Microsoft Access for your businessI’ve read a number of articles saying that you shouldn’t build business applications in Microsoft Access. The suggestion is that you should use a more expensive environment – an environment no one in your company has experience with so you have to hire the Access basher to build something for you. It sounds like an infomercial to me, i.e. a costly mistake! Let’s examine some of their erroneous claims…

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