How do you work with a new client?

When a new client calls me, I guide them through a series of questions to pinpoint their pain spots and what they want to accomplish.

After this initial consultation, I write out a proposal of the work involved and submit it for approval.

Right away I begin to program a customized solution for each company’s unique challenge.


What’s your typical turn around time?

Each company gets the best solution in the most timely fashion. Because the needs are so diverse and specific, I focus on getting the job done right. Quite often a project will be completed in just a week or two.


Will you travel to my location?

Many clients have found it beneficial to finance an in-person conference, and I’m happy to schedule this in.


What are your rates?

After assessing the scope of the job, I charge $100 an hour for work, research,  and future consultations. I outsource some work to security-minded independent contractors so as to keep the costs down for my clients.


What are your areas of expertise?

I am a Microsoft  Access Specialist, PDF Resource and Custom Database Management Designer. Most of my clients are mid-sized businesses that employ 500 to 5,000 people. I’m happy to work with small business owners and larger corporations as well.


What type of company do you work with best?

I have a very diverse clientele. Much of the work I’ve done is in the field of safety protocol, oil rig construction, and seed production and warehousing.


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