SAFETYSUM – Oil and Gas Driller’s Best JSA Tool

SafetySum by Data Intensive Software

A Customizable Set of Software Programs

for Oil and Gas Drillers

that focuses on your JSA’s as a Meaningful Tool for Safety.

Inspired by Hazard Master, a Program Mike designed for

and patented by ENSIGN United States Drilling Inc.


Oil and Gas Drillers…

When the big oil companies like ExxonMobil, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Pemex and BP comes looking to hire a company to drill for them, what’s going to make them pick you instead of the rest of the oil and gas drillers?

They want Safety First and the best ROI. So how are you going to prove that you employ best safety practices and won’t be causing them missed deadlines and cost overruns because of preventable accidents?

searching through tons of data for relevant statistics

The problem is…you have the data and you know the kind of information you need…

but you don’t have the resources to wade through and search for the specific statistics that prove you’re the oil and gas drilling company they want.


Do you wish

there was a Customizable Software Program

you could load onto your computer,

input your collected data,

 and sort it according to your specs easily and quickly?don't settle for an out-of-the-box progam when you can have a custom solution from Data Intensive Software


  • Are you tired of out-of-the-box software programs that don’t deliver on their promises?

  • Have you been burned by computer programmers who just don’t get what you need?

  • Wouldn’t you love to have a CUSTOMIZABLE SOFTWARE SOLUTION that does everything?



SafetySum turns your database into an easy-to-search format

(PDF Form, Excel spreadsheet, Access document, csv, txt, XML, XLS, MDB, ACCD)


You and your crew can quickly and easily have the right information at your fingertips.


You Care About Your Crew and Want them to have the Best Job Step Analysis available, don’t you? 


Over time, you’ve recorded every step of every job, where and how the accidents or near misses occurred and made observations of safety issues involved.

But now you want to pull all of that information together and create a Job Step Analysis (some refer to JSA as Job Safety Analysis) that improves safety conditions…


 SafetySum Is Your Solution.

This Customizable Program will pull together all of your information and associate it to an oil and gas driller’s best JSA. 


oil and gas drilling roughneck

Successful oil and gas drilling leads to successful pumping…But not if you have unsafe practices like this!

When your Roughnecks go to do a certain job, they will have in hand complete and easy-to-read JSA’s that identifies each step of the job so work is done uniformly, efficiently and in the safest manner possible. They will also have a complete company record of all safety information related to each JSA.


How will SafetySum Make Your Company The One That Everyone Want to Hire? 


  • You Have the Tools to Reduce Your Accident Rate. 

  • Your Crew Will Be Safer and More Efficient.

  • Your Documented and Proven Safety Record Will Enhance Your Reputation and Make You a Leader in the Industry. 

  • You Will Save Money.

  • Your Crew Will Know ALL the Safety Issues Before They Start Work.

  • You Won’t Have to Contend with the Results of Shockingly Expensive Accidents.


SafetySum Is The Unique Tool with a Patented Approach that is Recognized by Top Auditors. 


Here’s what Janet of ENSIGN United States Drilling Inc. Denver, CO

“Safety is a prime directive for our business. Mike has provided us with the software we needed to track safety incidents/accidents, so we always know where to focus our attention. Additionally his software saves us time by producing the appropriate State First Report of Injury as well as the required OSHA logs. Mike has always been there when we needed customizations unique to our business. Many thanks for your professionalism!”


Mike designed ENSIGN’S premier safety program and he can design one for you too!


Click here to contact Mike Today to get SafetySum working for you.

 It’s the best investment you’ll ever make for your business.