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when you need more than an “out of the box” solution

Wall St. Data Intensive Software is a one-man company that gives you the personalized attention that your business deserves.

Mike Loob began his computer software programming business over 20 years ago on Wall St. (That’s in Colton, Oregon.)


image001.jpg This emblem certifies that Mike is a qualified Microsoft agent. 

As a certified Microsoft agent,  Mike has passed Microsoft’s strict standards of best practices in the developments of his programs.

While Mike works closely with each client, he will outsource some jobs to other experts so he can save you money and make the turn around time quicker.binary code puzzle sitting on top of a page of Data Intensive Software code

His many years of experience has made him an expert in unraveling the puzzle of a business’ massive database and creating a uniquely tailored software program which has the capability to search through and sort the information so you can draw the pertinent facts you need in order to make good business decisions. He specializes in these areas:

Custom Programming

 Customized programs to support work place safety

  •  Incident tracking and reporting (OSHA, State, etc)
  • Drug testing and tracking
  • Training record

Oil Rig Construction

Seed Production and Warehousing


convert Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetMicrosoft Access Expert & Office Integration

  • Convert Access databases that were created in-house into a stable application that is easy for office personnel to use.
  • Enable Access programs to interact with the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Enable Access programs to upload and download data across the internet (FTP)
  • Enable Access programs to ‘read’ data out of PDF forms


Data Manipulation (clean up, summarizing)

  • Convert data in a wide variety of formats (csv, txt, XML, XLS, PDF, MDB, ACCDB, and others) to a different format.
  • Reformat data and clean out the bad data.
  • Uniquely summarize the data to your specifications.
  • Build an application around your data so that you can search it with filters and sorting.

PDF Resource (PDF Forms creation and automation)Interactive or fill in the blank PDF Form creation

  • Export your data from PDF files to another format
  • Create a PDF Form so you or your customers just have to fill in the blanks


  • Dependability in delivery of a wide range of software programs that interphase easily, quickly, and accurately…
  •  Customised applications that integrate the Microsoft Access database with Outlook, Word, and Excel so all aspects of the Microsoft Suite talks together saving you hours of redundant work…
  • Reliable ways to accurately manipulate, change, or port your data from one source to another…
  • Professionally designed databases done right the first time…
  •  Enhanced existing database that help you avoid costly mistakes…

Then You are Ready for Data Intensive Software to Customize Data Software Solutions for you!

Contact Mike for a free 30 minute consultation and see if he is the perfect fit for your business.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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