PDF Files & Forms: How They Can Benefit Your Company

searching through tons of data for relevant statisticsIs there a difference between PDF Files and PDF Forms?

Absolutely! Let’s examine the differences and see why they matter…

When people talk about a PDF, they generally are referring to a PDF File, which in the simplest terms is capturing a document in a picture file. The file can include pictures, drawings, and text. They’re usually created from Word or by scanning a piece of paper. Once the file has been created, it‘s not easily changed or edited and what can be changed is very limited.

A PDF Form, on the other hand, is a special type of document. Like the PDF File, you can have text, and graphics that are difficult to edit. The special thing about the PDF Form is that it can also have input fields. This allows the user to enter things like their name and address. Check boxes and drop down boxes can also be used. This provides a very easy to read document. If the Form is created with the right options, the user can save the newly filled out Form, capturing the entered data. This allows the user to email the saved PDF Form to a client, employee or business partner. It becomes an interactive tool that streamlines collecting and reading data. It’s a wonderful tool for collaborative work.

How Can Your Company Benefit from Using PDF Forms?

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